Time is Money,

Stop Wasting Yours!

Spending just an hour a day on basic, repetitive administrative tasks means you end up losing over a month of time each year!

Dedicated Virtual Assistants

The Outsourcing Advantage For Busy Individuals

Feeling Overwhelmed? Need more time to focus on the big picture? Let us take care of your most time-consuming details. We Dedicate a Resource Manager to You who will match you up with the perfect college-educated Virtual Executive Assistant.



When VA’s are clocked in they are actively working on your tasks
nd clock out when the task is done. If only that kind of workplace efficiency could be applied to a traditional employee. Get a Dedicated Virtual Assistant for a fraction of the cost of an Executive Assistant.

Top Virtual Assistant companies help US Business achieve greater success



Our Virtual Administrative Assistants are there when you need them, no wasting your money when you don’t need them. Only pay Virtual PA's for the time they actually work on your tasks. Having a slow month it’s no problem hours can roll over to the next.

Outsourcing to our team of Virtual Assistants allows you the freedom to focus on income-producing activities.



We only hire highly-skilled Virtual Personal Assistants who we assign to you for you to task. Our goal is high-quality work done clean, simple and impactful. Get started and give us your to do list.




Vessential | Virtual Assistant Services is like having a staff of secretaries and admin assistants making sure all of your tasks are DONE on time! Email Management, Travel Assistance, Calendar Management, Data Management, Presentations. Our Virtual Administrative Assistants are equipped and ready to organize.



The world wide web can be the black hole. If you want research done are remote Personal Assistants know the shortcuts and save you a great deal of time and energy.



Having a business profile like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter gives your company a better online edge and increased traffic. Friends, Likes, Followers, Posts, Comments, Pokers, Tweets, Pins, where has my time gone? Our company's top Social Media Virtual Assistants will take our time to help you get back more of yours!




“You have to have good content.” We are sure you've heard it more than a few times. Our Dedicated Virtual Assistants deliver GREAT content for you.



Move this to the end, take out this bit in the middle, add a little of this and throw in something else while you're at it. Our Video Editing Virtual Assistant's may not be Hollywood, but we know what it takes to attract customers!​





Your website is your company’s electronic business card; our Web Design Virtual Assistant's can make it stand out among the rest with WordPress. What color schemes make people buy more? What shapes, colors, words are most appealing? Let Graphic Design Virtual Assistant help you with that.



Good marketing strategy is a blend of product focus and research to achieve maximum profits. What works and what doesn’t? Our Marketing Virtual Assistant’s can take orders and instruction or we can conduct a market research analysis to offer suggestions.





Real Estate Virtual Assistants can schedule showings, post ads, maintain existing listings, update your CRM. Also our Legal Virtual Assistants love to help you same time & money.


May 11, 2018

Are you overwhelmed running your business? Are there not enough hours in the day? The more your business grows, the more administrative tasks you have; the more time you spend on administrative tasks, the less time you have to generate new business.

How much is your tim...

April 14, 2017

What to Outsource to a Dedicated Virtual Assistant (VA) 1. Administration & Online Research 2. Customer Service 3. Social Media Management 4. S.E.O. 5. Web Development 6. Marketing & Advertising 7. Graphic Design 8. Audio & Video Editing

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